Katrina & Nick 

Hello Catherine!

Thank you so, so much for your email and I’m so, so sorry that my reply is so behind! Today is my first real day back in the office after Christmas between various annual leave and site meetings, so I’m so sorry for not acknowledging your lovely email and kind words sooner! It’s still very full on with my family here from Aus, though they go back on Wednesday so Nick and I are cramming as much in as we can!

Firstly, I hope that you had an amazing Christmas and New Year!!! And indulged in lots of mince pies and the odd gin here and there!!

Thank you so much again for all of your support that you have been able to offer throughout our planning process, you were the absolute dream to have by my side. I couldn’t think of anyone better, more supportive or thoughtful than you to oversee our day!! I have many, many photos that I would love to share with you! I don’t know why I haven’t thought to sooner! I’ll make that my next job 😊 !!!

It’s also been so lovely getting to know you along the way and I wanted to wish you the best of luck (in what I hope) is your imminent move! I wish you all the luck in the future with your new home and so much joy and happiness.

Also the biggest thank you to the entire team who pulled together to make our day so brilliant. We caught up with a lot of friends and family over Christmas and have had so many compliments on the food, the service and just generally the hospitability of everyone involved!!

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